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Handicapper Badsha Tips

Handicapper Badsha Tips

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In our 24 years of handicapping races, we can say one thing with certainty, that no one can get all races right and playing all races is a sure recipe of losing money. Our philosophy of punting is simply to have a fixed target of reaching 10% ROI every day. Once the target has been reached, we advise our punters to stop betting, even if the target has been reached after just one race. Conversely, we advise our patrons to follow a strict 10% stop-loss on the bad days. This plus minus 10 rule is our consistent philosophy. Remember, racing will happen every day but your bank is finite. Do not exhaust it at one go.


  • The only handicapping service with a massive 72% win and 94% place rate.
  • Complete transparency with all picks being posted in advance on the Handicapper Badsha App and scientific handicapping techniques using speed map, scale analysis and even psychological analysis to bring the best picks of the day to you.

We give you picks for Indian, Australian, UK and Ireland races.


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